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Shocking Election Scandal: Giuliani Accused of Being a Russian Intelligence Pawn



FBI whistleblower Johnathan Buma accuses ex-Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani, pictured, of being a pawn for Russian intelligence. (Shutterstock)
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Rudy Giuliani, former lawyer and advisor to ex-President Donald Trump, may have been compromised by Russian intelligence during the 2020 campaign, according to a statement from FBI whistleblower Johnathan Buma.

Buma alleges that an internal investigation into Giuliani’s activities was hindered within the bureau. He claims that Giuliani was utilized by a Ukrainian oligarch with connections to Russian intelligence for a disinformation campaign intended to discredit Joe Biden and boost Trump in the 2020 election. Buma also suggests he faced retaliation within the bureau for investigating this.

The allegations could reignite controversy on Capitol Hill, particularly as they contradict narratives pushed by Trump and his defenders about the FBI and Justice Department being in league with Democrats.

Read more at Mother Jones.

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