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Shaver Stables Back in the Saddle; Two Years to Find New Location



A Shaver Stables horseback ride around Shaver Lake. The pack company is staying put for two years while new trails are agreed upon with SoCal Edison. (Special to GV Wire)
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Shaver Stables will be allowed to continue until 2025, giving the company two years to find a new location.

A meeting today between Southern California Edison and owner Gabrielle Kant ended with the utility company restoring the stable’s original lease, Kant told GV Wire. In the remaining time, they will work together to find a new location where horseback rides won’t interfere with pedestrian and vehicle traffic around Shaver Lake.

“I have two more seasons on my lease, which is fantastic and we will be working together to find a new location and they will be helping me figure out what we’re going to do with that new location,” Kant said.

SoCal Edison Will Help Relocate Shaver Stables

A few locations are being discussed, and the two parties will explore whether those work. Most of the structures can be taken down and reused at the new site, Kant said The two buildings on each end can be moved.

“And the center part, the facade, which is fake, but it looks real cute — looks like an old West town — that should also be able to be put back together,” Kant said.

The problem for Kant now is making sure she has the help to relocate the stables.

“It should be fine as long as I got the help, that’s what I really needed to be OK with the move — I needed help,” Kant said.

Five Days After Posting News, the Problem Resolved

In February, Kant was told her lease would be expiring at the end of this season, two years ahead of the terms.

Safety on the trails had become an issue as more people were going up to the lake for recreation, said Gabriela Ornelas, a spokesperson with SoCal Edison.

Kant first posted the news she would be closing at the end of the season on Facebook on Thursday.

By Tuesday, Kant and representatives from SoCal Edison were walking the trails, discussing safety needs.

In the interim, they will still utilize the same trails unless it gets busy, then Kant said they will divert to less busy routes.

“Thanks for the support of the community coming out and talking about how important Shaver Stables is to them, it really needed to happen,” Kant said.

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