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Iran Building a Nuclear Facility Inside the Zagros Mountains: Report



Iran is reportedly building an underground nuclear facility inside the Zagros Mountains (pictured) deep enough to evade strongest U.S. bunker-busting bomb. (Shutterstock)
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Five years after the United State’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear deal, Iran is reportedly building a nuclear facility inside the Zagreb mountains, located deep enough to potentially evade even the strongest U.S. bunker-busting bomb.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that Iran is now a full nuclear weapons state, it does mean that the U.S. needs to rethink its strategy when it comes to this particular region. The new construction, if reports are accurate, might allow the nation to rapidly produce nuclear weapons.

Diplomatic efforts to contain Iran’s nuclear ambition have so far been unsuccessful, with Iran refusing new International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) investigations and demanding future sanctions relief.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the geopolitical landscape, bringing Russia and Iran closer in defense matters, and potentially making Russia a valuable partner for Iran. The complex situation calls for a new approach to dealing with the region, as it makes the balance of power volatile.

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