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Shorter, Less Intense Wildfire Season Expected in California



California's cooler temps reduce drought and is expected to cause fewer wildfires as the state invests $2.7 billion in prevention. (Shutterstock)
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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that most of California has seen below-normal temperatures since Oct. 1.

Combined with the state’s heavy precipitation this winter and spring, this has led to most of the state no longer facing drought conditions. In addition, Northern California and Central Sierra reservoirs have mostly reached or exceeded average water capacity levels.

Fewer Wildfires Anticipated

The Southern California coordination center reported that California typically experiences about 62 significant fires over more than 308,000 acres each year.

However, experts anticipate fewer than 100,000 acres will burn this year. This year’s active fire season is expected to start in July, with a shorter duration than usual.

Monsoon Season Brings Additional Fire Risk

As grasses become dry, thunder and lightning activity during the monsoon season in July could spark fires for lower-elevation areas. However, few mountain fires are expected due to the impressive, ongoing snowpack.

California Investment in Wildfire Prevention

The state has invested $2.7 billion into reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfires by managing forests and bolstering manpower. 37 additional fire crews, more helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft, were added statewide in 2022 as per Gov. Gavin Newsom. Being the first state in the nation to fly night firefighting operations, California completed the first-ever operation last year.


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