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Climate Change Spurs Mosquito-Borne Disease Threat



As rising temps and rainfall create an ideal breeding ground for parasites, mathematical models may offer solutions. (Shutterstock)
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Climate change is expected to prompt the proliferation of deadly parasites, leading to a greater prevalence of diseases in places like the US, China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, warns biologist Erin Mordecai.

Mathematical Models Could Help

As rising temperatures and rainfall create ideal breeding grounds for parasites, mathematical models could help guide smarter environmental policies in response.

Insects Rapidly Evolving Due to Climate Change

Mosquitoes and other insect species are highly sensitive to temperature and are rapidly evolving in response to climate change. This is altering the geography of many diseases and leading to substantial health challenges for policy makers attempting to manage the rapidly changing landscape.

Uptick in Mosquito Borne Diseases Seen in Some Regions

Some regions that haven’t seen malaria in a long time are seeing an uptick and areas with decreasing rates of malaria are seeing other diseases like dengue take malaria’s place.

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