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Fresno Mom Convicted of Heroin Trafficking Heads to Federal Lockup



Eva Dolores Romero, 55, of Fresno, conspired with her son to smuggle heroin into Fresno County Jail. (Shutterstock)
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Someone should nominate Eva Dolores Romero for Worst Mom of the Year.

The 55-year-old Fresno resident received a sentence this month of 50 months in federal prison following her drug trafficking conviction.

According to court documents, Romero conspired with her son and others to smuggle methamphetamine and heroin into Fresno County Jail.

Jail Phone Call Reveals Plot

Law enforcement learned of the plot by reviewing jail phone calls between Romero and her son, who was in custody at the jail.

With the planned smuggling operation set for Jan. 26, 2021, officers found the drugs hidden in athletic shoes brought to the jail that day.

Homeland Security Investigations, DEA, the Fresno Police Department, and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office investigated the case. Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin J. Gilio was the prosecutor.


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