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After Fresno Launch, In-Home Pet Euthanasia Service Expands to New City



CodaPet, which provides end of life support for pets in the greater Fresno area, is expanding. (Shutterstock)
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Following its launch in Fresno earlier this year, a local start-up company that facilitates compassionate, in-home pet euthanasia is expanding into a new market.

CodaPet currently provides end of life support for pets in the greater Fresno area. It has now begun service in the Oklahoma City region, the company announced in a news release.

Through a website, CodaPet connects pet owners to a local network of licensed veterinarians who offer end-of-life care for cats, dogs and larger animals at home.

The company was co-founded by Fresno area veterinarian Dr. Karen Whala, along with fellow veterinarians Drs. Gary and Bethany Hsia.

“There is no greater final gift you can give your beloved pet than to carry out their wishes for a peaceful, pain-free, and stress-free transition in a familiar setting surrounded by everything they love and enjoy,” Whala said in the news release. “As an in-home euthanasia veterinarian, I repeatedly hear the heartfelt gratitude and the relief a family feels when they have been able to grant their pet this gift.

Whala graduated with a veterinary degree from UC Davis in 2006, according to an online profile.

Along with CodaPet, Whala and Hsia operate Peaceful Passing in the Fresno and Clovis areas. The company, which they started in 2018, also helps families provide end-of-life care to their terminally ill, injured, or suffering pets, according to the company’s website. Whala says she finds that pets are more relaxed and peaceful when they pass at home, calling it a “gift owners give their furry friends.”

CodaPet offers an online cost estimator that gives pet owners a quote before booking. The site advertises euthanasia rates starting at $300. The company also offers “aftercare” services including cremation, urns, keepsakes and scattering of ashes.

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