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Watch: Stormchaser Reed Timmer’s Bonkers Video of Hurricane Ian



Famed stormchaser Ian Timmer captures on video the worst of Hurricane Ian as it hits Florida. (YouTube/Reed Timmer)
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Stormchaser Reed Timmer, a professional meteorologist and reality TV star, captured the worst of Hurricane Ian as it moved onshore in Florida.

Here are the timestamp chapters for his eight-minute video:

00:00 — Intro

00:41 — Arrival on Pine Island

01:41 —Reed standup

01:52 — Surge coming in, walking to ocean

02:50 — Intensifying

03:42 — Surge coming over the wall

05:28 —Reed Standup

Watch: The Worst of Hurricane Ian

And time-lapse webcam footage below shows how quickly Ian overwhelmed the streets of Fort Myers, Florida.


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