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Alleged CVS Smash-and-Grabbers Believed Responsible for Thefts at 17 Stores



Schirell Denise Cummings, left, is charged with 18 felonies. Her bail totals $633,500. (GV Wire Composite/Randy Reed
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Two alleged smash-and-grab thieves documented on video by a customer at a northwest Fresno CVS store are believed to be responsible for at least $35,000 in losses at 17 different businesses, the Fresno District Attorney’s Office says.

Schirell Denise Cummings, 21, of Fresno, was charged Tuesday with 18 felony counts including robbery, burglary, conspiracy to receive stolen property, and grand theft.

Before her latest arrest, Cummings was out of custody on bond or ‘own recognizance’ release on three other felony retail theft cases, the DA’s office said in a news release.

Reginald Walter Taylor, 21, of Fresno, was charged with six felony counts including robbery, burglary, and grand theft.

Serious Prison Time if Convicted

If convicted of all charges, Cummings faces up to 18 years, eight months in state prison. Taylor faces up to six years, four months in state prison.

Cummings remains in jail with bail totaling $633,500. Her bail before being charged was $245,00. Taylor also remains in jail. His bail is $60,000, up from $45,000.

Clovis police arrested Cummings in 2020 for allegedly being in an organized theft ring that stole about $14,000 in Nike clothing from a Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Watch: Fresno CVS Smash-and-Grab

Though store employees didn’t attempt to stop Cummings, Taylor, and another person from walking out with bags stuffed with liquor bottles last week, a customer videoed the whole thing and posted it on social media. The thefts took place at the CVS at Herndon and West avenues.

After seeing the video and conducting an investigation, Fresno police arrested Cummings and Taylor on Friday, May 13.

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