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The Javelin Missile Is Feared And Incredibly Deadly. Here’s How It Works.



(U.S. Army Photo)
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The Javelin missile is part of a long line of systems designed to allow infantry to deal with armored targets. This formidable weapon came into service in the 1990s and is capable of dealing with tanks, buildings and even helicopters. Since its introduction, 5,000 Javelin missiles have been launched, and the system has become a fundamental asset for the infantry.

It is a fire-and-forget weapon, so as soon as the missile is fired the user can relocate or take cover. After launch, the missile uses an onboard infrared imaging and tracking system to accurately make its way to the target without any assistance from the operator. The weapon has a range of over 2.8 miles, keeping the operator out of harm’s way.

The actual high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead itself is a tandem charge, the first of which detonates any explosive reactive armor to clear the way for the main charge. The main charge is able to penetrate almost 30 inches of steel.

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