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More Babies and More Immigrants Will Drive Continued American Prosperity



According to the Census Bureau, the U.S. population grew 0.1% last year —the lowest rate since our nation’s founding. (Shutterstock)
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I don’t know if you have seen the latest numbers about our population growth, but they pose a threat to American prosperity.

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Darius Assemi


According to the Census Bureau, the United States grew at a rate of 0.1% last year —the lowest rate since our nation’s founding.

Experts attribute this nearly flat growth population growth to several factors: Coronavirus deaths, fewer births, and declining immigration.

In fact, if not for immigrants, America’s worker shortage and growth rate would be far worse. Immigrants accounted for nearly 245,000 of the total U.S. population increase of 392,655 in 2021.

America Needs Population Growth, Immigration Reform

When the pandemic recedes, our spirits will soar again. But our leaders also must set the stage for America to jump-start robust population growth.

Throughout our great history, population growth that includes a strong birth rate and the welcoming of immigrants has powered our economy.

I can’t say it any better than The Washington Post did in a recent editorial:

“Robust population growth not only provides more workers to sustain the young and the old; more people means more of the intellectual exchange, idea creation, entrepreneurship and competition that result from people interacting in a free, capitalist society. National policy should promote vigorous population expansion.”

Clearly, we need a better immigration policy than what we have now. First, we must secure our borders. Second, we must fully vet all immigrants who enter the United States. Third, we must welcome the many immigrants who can contribute to America’s success with their skills, ingenuity, and capital.

No longer can we afford to have politicians pick a number out of the air when deciding the number of immigrants allowed in our country. Instead, we must adopt a strategic approach based on the needs of the American economy.

American Prosperity Didn’t Happen by Accident

We also must adopt policies that encourage young Americans to grow their families and make it easier for them to succeed in the workforce or start their own small businesses.

American prosperity didn’t happen by accident. A proven formula of strong population growth and immigration powered us to unprecedented heights. We need to recommit to that formula. Anything less and our prosperity will bottom out.

About the Author 

Darius Assemi is the publisher of GV Wire and president/CEO of Granville Homes.

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