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Midterms Could Be a Bloodbath for Democrats. And There May Be Little Candidates Can Do.



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Democrats are right to be concerned that the upcoming midterm elections could be a disaster, says Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen. And a close look at the data from 2021 elections in Virginia and New Jersey suggest it could become a bloodbath — and there’s likely little individual candidates can do to avoid it.

Democrats would suffer massive losses if the 2021 trend is replicated in 2022 across the nation, he writes.

Olsen cautions that past is not prologue, and it’s certainly possible that the 2021 results are not indicative of what will transpire in 2022. But if they are, and if President Joe Biden does not improve his job approval significantly by the fall, the columnist says, Democrats are looking at a wipeout unlike anything they have seen in a century.

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