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Latest California Smash and Grab Caught on Video



Authorities say cash and jewelry was taken during a morning assault by thieves on an indoor swap meet in Los Angeles. (Screen Capture via YouTube)
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Another in a spate of smash-and-grab robberies plaguing cities in California and other states played out on Thursday at an indoor swap meet in Los Angeles.

Authorities say cash, jewelry and other items were taken from the Del Amo Swap Meet in Racho Dominguez in a late morning assault by a group of thieves who smashed display cases and pushed employees to the ground.

A witness told the Los Angeles Times there were several people shopping at the time and that the assailants “faked a fight” to distract security guards before breaking the glass and grabbing the items.

Police said two suspects were in custody and that authorities were looking for at least five more.

You can view the video on Reddit here.

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