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Top Fox News Contributors Quit Because of Tucker Carlson



Tucker Carlson's "Patriot Purge" series is "riddled with factual inaccuracies" say Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes. (AP File)
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In explaining their decision to quit Fox News, conservatives Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg write on The Dispatch:

“Fox News still does real reporting, and there are still responsible conservatives providing valuable opinion and analysis. But the voices of the responsible are being drowned out by the irresponsible.

“A case in point: Patriot Purge, a three-part series hosted by Tucker Carlson.

“The special — which ran on Fox’s subscription streaming service earlier this month and was promoted on Fox News — is presented in the style of an exposé, a hard-hitting piece of investigative journalism. In reality, it is a collection of incoherent conspiracy-mongering, riddled with factual inaccuracies, half-truths, deceptive imagery, and damning omissions.”

Read more at The Dispatch.

Watch: Why Goldberg and Hayes Quit Fox News

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