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Saint Agnes Wants to Honor Your Veteran on Memorial Day With a Flag



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Want to honor a loved one who served and protected the United States on Memorial Day weekend?

Saint Agnes Medical Center will fly an American Flag on its front lawn for anyone who died while in the military or after leaving the service.

To sign up for a flag, click on this link.

The hospital began this tradition on Veterans Day in 2019 and is expanding to twice a year.

The idea came from serving military patients, Saint Agnes spokeswoman Kelly Sanchez.

Space for 1,000 Flags

“We already have received more than 250 submissions, so we’re ordering more flags,” Sanchez said Monday. “We easily have space to do 1,000 flags.”

The flags will be displayed Friday through Monday.

In 2019, Saint Agnes launched its Military and Veterans Health Program, which identifies veterans who are patients with a military wristband.

The goal is to “provide veterans and their families convenient access to high-quality, culturally sensitive health care services that meet their specific needs,” according to the Saint Agnes website.



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