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Black Football Player Told To Sit Near Banana Peels Says He Wants To Be Treated ‘as a Human First, Not a Victim’



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A Black football player at an Illinois high school who was seen on video sitting in a locker littered with banana peels after a teammate threatened to break his knees if he didn’t comply, says he is “fine” and wants people to “stop talking about the incident.””I love the football team I’m on and they’re good guys. I know that personally. I talked to the people involved individually and they apologized. We had a heartfelt talk about it and I told them how I felt. So please don’t harass, bully, or threaten them at all,” the student said Monday in the statement.

The Moline-Coal Valley School District continues to conduct a “school-based investigation” of the incident, Superintendent Rachel Savage said during Monday’s school board meeting, adding that because the students involved are minors, “the details of student discipline are private and protected by federal law.”

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