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Where Will Colton’s Social House Go After Sierra Vista Mall Exit?



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Colton’s Social House in Clovis’s Sierra Vista Mall wants out.

“We were in negotiations to extend our lease but those negotiations have stalled,” the casual dining restaurant and bar said on Facebook.

On its social media pages a few weeks ago, Colton’s also said that it “would prefer to stay in Clovis but will consider locations in Fresno County. An ideal location would have space for an extensive outdoor dining experience.”

Disagreement Over Outdoor Dining Venue

The feud sparked during the coronavirus pandemic when outdoor dining was the only way restaurants could serve patrons. The way that Colton’s set up its outdoor venue didn’t meet health and safety standards, the mall’s property manager said.

“The unauthorized construction and unmaintained nature of the outdoor dining set-up at Colton’s Social House (have) failed to adhere to the health and safety protocols, as well as the necessary permitting and documentation procedures, that are in place to protect our property’s visitors,” wrote NAMDAR realty group in a September Facebook post.

“In addition to causing considerable damage to mall grounds. It has also been brought to our attention that fire safety standards on the premise, both indoors and out, have been neglected, which causes us significant alarm and presents a challenge in the event that emergency services are required at the restaurant.”

GV Wire contacted Sierra Vista Mall management about Colton’s announcement but didn’t receive a response.

Multiple calls for comment to Colton’s Social House were also not returned.

GV Wire asked Clovis officials if they had cited the restaurant for any health and safety violations. No, they said.

State ABC Agents Stopped By Colton’s In August

GV Wire℠ was with state agents from Alcohol Beverage Control as they did compliance checks on restaurants in Fresno and Clovis in August.

Colton’s Social House was visited, and no violations were found.

ABC agents speak with one of Colton’s restaurant managers in Clovis on August 14, 2020. The restaurant had no issues. (GV Wire/Jim Jakobs)

Clovis Spot Preferred

Hundreds of comments followed Colton’s exit announcement.

Michele Attolico wrote, “Please stay right where you are. Best place in Clovis inside or out.” Colton’s then replied, “That’s definitely the preference, but may be out of our control.”

Residents suggested several other spots, including:

  • The old Applebee’s at Herndon and Cedar avenues
  • Fogo Calliente location (836 Pollasky Avenue)
  • Loma Vista area
  • Minnewawa Avenue south of Herndon Avenue
  • The area around Temperance Avenue and Herndon Avenue

“We are starting with the premise of moving as close as possible,” posted Colton’s House.