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4 Takeaways From Biden’s First News Conference



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President Biden faced reporters on Thursday in an extended session, taking questions at his first news conference as president.

Below are some takeaways from what he said.

There wasn’t much truly groundbreaking news in the news conference. But when it comes to something that could shake up Washington — getting rid of the filibuster — Biden leaned in, signaling he’d be open to ending it if the GOP stands in the way of his agenda.

Biden promised journalists greater access to key border facilities — but made clear he’ll give them that when he’s good and ready. He said that would come when his policies are more fully in place.

One thing the Biden administration has proven much more adept at than the previous administration is setting goals that are actually manageable. There was more of that Thursday. Biden began his news conference by setting a new goal of 200 million vaccination shots by the end of his first 100 days, an doubling of his original 100 million dose goal.

Members of the media have been waiting a while to directly question this president. The spotlight was on Biden, but also on reporters when it comes to the questions they would ask. In the end, not every question brought a ton of insight.

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