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High School Students Now Back on Tulare Campuses for In-Person Learning



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Students attending three of Tulare Unified School District’s eight high schools returned for in-person learning on Monday. Tech Preparatory, Countryside and Accelerated Charter “have a smaller population and are able to maintain the required social distancing,” Supreintendent Tony Rodriguez said.

More students will return to campus beginning on Tuesday. The district transitioned from a distance learning schedule to a new hybrid schedule on Monday morning.

Monday is a distance learning day for students at the district’s largest high schools, but the rest of the week, they will learn in-person and online.

Airborne spread of COVID-19 has been a major concern among teachers and school staff locally and nationwide. Many asked that air cleaning technology or purifiers be put in place prior to reopening schools.

The district completed the installation of a ventilation and filtration technology called bipolar ionization in December.

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