Some California school districts are weighing using COVID-19 relief funds for faculty bonuses — with one teacher’s association in the Bay Area joking that the money be put towards a trip to Hawaii, internal memos revealed.

The memos, which were shared by the group Reopen California Schools, show several districts discussing how to allocate state and federal relief payments intended to help them return to in-person classes.

One leaked email obtained by the group revealed that a committee at Clovis Unified School District reportedly discussed giving out $6,000 bonuses.

The district reportedly suggested using relief funds to give “one-time payment to employees … given the extraordinary effort required of every employee over the course of the pandemic.”

School officials in Clovis insisted that they haven’t decided what to do with the relief funds, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, teachers from the Dublin Unified School District reportedly talked about bargaining for a $2,500 bonus to cover expenses such as PPE, childcare and “an airplane trip to Hawaii” when the pandemic is over, according to memos.

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