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First U.S. 3D-Printed Housing Community Planned For Rancho Mirage



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Rancho Mirage will be the location of the country’s first 3D-printed housing community, which is set to be ready for move-in by early next year, according to the builders.

Beverly Hills-based development group Palari is teaming with Mighty Buildings, a construction technology company based in Oakland, to build 15 eco-friendly homes on a five-acre parcel in the area of Ginger Rogers Road and Key Largo Avenue.

Palari founder and CEO Basil Starr said 3D printing “allows us to build faster, stronger and more efficiently, making it integral to our platform of streamlining home-building process centered on sustainability of construction, materials, and operations.”

Mighty Buildings will provide the 3D-printed panels using a process that eliminates much of the waste associated with traditional homebuilding, according to Alexey Dubov, the company’s co-founder and chief operating officer.

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