Fresno Unified Trustee Terry Slatic called his fellow School Board trustees part of the “radical fringe” in the Fresno community that opposes having uniformed, armed officers on secondary school campuses during a national TV network interview.

Slatic’s comments came during an early Tuesday morning interview on “Fox & Friends First” about a recent Fresno Unified report that students surveyed in focus groups “overwhelmingly” want police officers to remain on campus to provide safety and security.

Fresno Unified trustees are considering whether to renew a contract with the Fresno Police Department to employ police officers as campus resource officers at district high schools.

The contract with Fresno Police last year to employ officers as neighborhood school resource officers at middle schools expired last year.

‘Fox & Friends First’ Interview

Slatic, who represents the Bullard High area, said during the three-minute interview that the need for school security with armed officers has become more urgent in the wake of tragedies such as the mass shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado and Parkland High School in Florida.

During School Board discussions last year over renewing the police contract, Slatic said in the televised interview, “My fellow trustees who are fundamentally leftists wanted to either have no police or to have police in civilian clothes with no weapons, no badges, etc.”

Saturday’s rally at City Hall over the reopening of schools, which attracted about 75 people but which Slatic called “massive,” also touched on the issue of school safety, he said.

“Now, we’ve gotten a level of critical mass, if you will, where the public has clearly stated that if they don’t get the safety, the police, etc., then there’s going to be an awful lot of changes in the next election cycle,” Slatic said on the show.

Several speakers at Saturday’s rally identified the School Board members who will be up for reelection in 2022.

National, Not Local

On Monday, Slatic told GV Wire℠ said he belatedly realized that the phone call from a television producer Monday morning about the Tuesday interview was for a national broadcast. “For the first five minutes of the interview, I thought she was the local girl,” he said.

2 Responses

  1. John

    Slatic only wants the police on campuses because they’ll help to continue punishing students of color more often than others. Everyone knows this about his region. How many times have we heard about his region complain about “the changing demographic”? Hmm… I wonder what they mean by “changing demographic” and why is it a concern? Examples are their suspension rate, his actions against the cheerleaders who were victimized, etc. The biggest problem that he should be concerned with is, Why is the high school in your region not accredited? Didn’t they lose accreditation a few years ago? The colleges know about this and know that there is tremendous grade inflation, how else do you explain that the high school in Slatic’s region has the lowest University enrollment out of all other FUSD high schools?

  2. Butch

    I don’t know if I would have called the 6 trustees a “leftist fringe.” I think a more accurate description would be a “misdemeanor-minded menace” or a ‘felonious-fringe” seeing as they have no trouble violating State laws like the Brown Act or State Education Code pertaining to the the school bond oversight committee as well as district bylaws. They seem to think they can do whatever they want and violate any law they wish to without any repercussions. Our legal system needs to crack down on these 5 females. They should not be trustees. And Nelson shouldn’t be allowing this either.


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