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Life Sentence for Bakersfield Woman in Drowning of Newborn Grandson



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When the door swung open, Beant Dhillon was met with an astonishing sight.

Her 15-year-old daughter lay on the blood-covered bathroom floor, having given birth just minutes earlier. Dhillon hadn’t even known she was pregnant.

Dhillon then decided on a horrifying course of action, prosecutors said. She took her grandson, placed him face down in water in the bathtub and watched him drown. Then she buried him in the backyard of her southwest Bakersfield home.

On Friday, Dhillon , 45, was sentenced to 25 years to life, plus four years for first degree murder and other offenses.

Prosecutors alleged Dhillon was motivated by concerns about how Bakersfield’s considerable Sikh community would react to her daughter’s pregnancy, and the possible shame it would bring to the family.

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