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Actress From Visalia in New ‘Superman’ Series Draws on Her Local Roots



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Growing up in Visalia, it seems, might be good preparation for being in a Superman show.

At least, that’s how Inde Navarrette sees it. She plays Lana Lang’s daughter in “Superman & Lois,” which debuts at 8 p.m. Tuesday on CW.

The story transports Clark Kent (Superman) and his family back to his hometown of Smallville, Kansas.

“I find very big parallels” between Smallville and Visalia, Navarrette, a Mt. Whitney High School alum, said. “Not only because of the farming dynamic, but just the small-town vibe and the high school and the football games. And how much of a culture that is.”

She’s 23 and in her second meaty role. Her first was in the final season of “13 Reasons Why.” She played Estela de la Cruz, whose late brother Monty was a villain.

In “Superman & Lois” she’s Sarah, a teen whose mother (the former Lana Lang) knows Clark well. “They dated in high school,” said Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays Lana. “But besides that, they’ve known each other since kindergarten.”

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