The National Park Service announced Tuesday that it will require all employees, visitors, partners and contractors to wear masks across all parks and federal buildings.

“Working with public health officials and following the latest science and guidance, we can make national parks safer for employees, visitors and partners,” NPS Deputy Director Shawn Benge added. “We will continue to evaluate operations and make appropriate modifications to visitor services as needed.”

National parks have fluctuated between being open and closed to the public throughout the pandemic. Operations at popular spots like Yosemite and The Grand Canyon have been augmented to keep visitors safe while not having to shut down completely. In Yosemite, shuttles are not operating and require various types of reservations.

This new mandate follows President Biden’s recent executive order that requires federal employees and contractors to wear masks while on the job.

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  1. Ron sherrin

    Be on the lookout for local crazies like mask denier & DC rioter Benjamin Martin. The Trump virus is everywhere, spreading like a wildfire due to safety protocol violators in Republican run valley communities. History will show this region of the state with their middle finger in the air, and a Qanon flag by their side, fueled and lead by hate radio KMJ, and their captain evil, Ray Appleton.Valley shame.


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