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Denver Post Editorial Board Defends Boebert Against ‘Blatantly Sexist and Elitist Attacks’



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The Denver Post’s editorial board is defending Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) against “blatantly sexist and elitist attacks” amid the “unsubstantiated claims” that members of a U.S. Capitol tour she hosted rioted at the complex days later.

The board, which endorsed Boebert’s opponent, said it could not “sit idly by without condemning” the “sexist and elitist” criticisms against the first-term Republican as allegations that she or her family contributed to the deadly riot circulate on social media.

“It’s disgusting to circulate sexualized photos of Boebert under the guise of political scrutiny,” the editors wrote. “It’s unprofessional to call her a ‘bimbo’ or use other terms reserved only for women with power. And referencing her education in a demeaning manner will only alienate the millions of Americans who also have not gone to college or graduated from high school.”

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