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Harley-Davidson Announces New Bike Lineup, Local Sales Rebound



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Harley-Davidson hosted the company’s first virtual launch event Tuesday to show off some of its 2021 motorcycles. This comes after Forbes magazine reported a few days ago that the company’s stock had gained more than 151% since March.

But much of the social media reaction to Tuesday’s event was less than stellar.

“Just 40 minutes of “Bold New Graphics,” wrote John Earnhart on the company’s Facebook page.

Said Calvin Kandarian, “Disappointed hopefully 2022 models see bigger changes.”

Avid riders might identify with a new lineup that includes a new Street Bob 114 and a slightly refreshed Fat Boy 114. Joining them for 2021 are the Softail Slim, Softail Standard, Fat Bob 114, Heritage Classic, Heritage Classic 114, Low Rider S, and Sport Glide.

Still, the company plans a bigger announcement on Feb. 2.

The company will reveal its 2021-2025 strategic plan, along with 2020 fourth quarter and year-end earnings results via webcast. Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and chief executive officer, and Gina Goetter, chief financial officer, Harley-Davidson, Inc., will discuss the company’s financial results, strategic plan, and outlook.

Some of the new bikes revealed by Harley-Davidson Tuesday morning. (Harley-Davidson)

Fresno Harley-Davidson Bike Sales

“We sold 21 bikes in December, which is not normal. We normally sell about maybe nine to 10 bikes in December.” – Patrick Gonzales, Fresno Harley-Davidson business manager

The Fresno Harley-Davidson dealership on West Shaw Avenue is coming off a good sales month after the earlier stages of the pandemic.

“We sold 21 bikes in December, which is not normal,” says Fresno Harley-Davidson business manager Patrick Gonzales to GV Wire℠ by phone. “We normally sell about maybe nine to 10 bikes in December.”

Gonzales says January is starting off well, too. “We’re trying to get out to the younger crowd,” he says. “We sold three bikes over the weekend.”

Gonzales says age ranges he just saw over the last few days ranged from people that had birthdays in 1991, all the way to a birthday in 1953.

GV Wire℠ asked if he’d been selling many electric bikes.

“We haven’t even sold one,” says Gonzales. He says there are many reasons that go into it, but one of the biggest is a bike will only go about 100 miles on a single charge making them more suitable for big-city environments. The dealership would also have to invest about $100,000 in a workshop to handle the charging maintenance requirements.

CHP, Fresno and Police Ride BMWs

“The last contract was won by Long Beach BMW Motorcycles that began on 5/2/2019 and expires on 5/1/2022.  Any motorcycles we order will be off that contract.” – CHP Director of Communications Fran Clader 

Locally, the Clovis and Fresno Police Departments tell GV Wire℠ they do not use Harley-Davidson’s.

In 2014, the California Highway Patrol decided to go back to Harley Davidson’s after years of using BMWs. Harley Davidson hadn’t had a contract with the CHP since 1989.

But the CHP is shifting into reverse. “The last contract was won by Long Beach BMW Motorcycles that began on 5/2/2019 and expires on 5/1/2022.  Any motorcycles we order will be off that contract,” CHP Director of Communications Fran Clader told GV Wire℠.

The Fresno Police Department would typically follow the CHP’s lead but decided against doing that a few years ago. “We stayed with BMWs,” says Fresno Police Sgt. Jeff La Blue. He says new police chief Paco Balderrama likes the looks of Harleys, but so far hasn’t indicated he wants to change manufacturers.

Fresno PD Officer Jason Hurley sits on his BMW motorcycle helping to direct traffic Tuesday morning at a COVID-19 vaccine drive-thru at Sierra Orthopedic. (GV Wire/Nancy Price)

“Harley-Davidson has three dedicated Police motorcycles in Model Year 2021,” Harley-Davidson motor company PR & Communications Sr. Manager Paul James tells GV Wire℠ by email. “Our US market share of the Police market is substantial (above 80%).”

The Police Electra Glide, Police Road King, and Police Iron 883 are a few of the bikes available for law enforcement departments. (Harley-Davidson)

Electric Motorcycles

James says that Harley’s 2021 LiveWire electric motorcycle is planned for launch this summer.

“We believe that electric-powered motorcycles are an important part of our long-term success,” he said.

James says there are no current plans for a police version of LiveWire.