Just days after appearing at the U.S. Capitol during the riot there, and later confronting a U.S. senator at a Washington D.C. airport, a trio of Donald Trump supporters posted a video of themselves in front of the home of Fresno City Councilman Miguel Arias.

Portrait of Fresno City Councilman Miguel Arias

“It’s part of their continued attempts to intimidate and threaten the safety of my family. So there’s no reason why you have to livestream on Facebook to thousands of extreme followers my home address.” —  Fresno City Councilman Miguel Arias

Ben Bergquam posted the video on his Frontline America Facebook and YouTube sites. He was joined by frequent collaborators Jason Phillips and Josh Fulfer.

Arias, on Twitter, said he was not at home at the time, returning from a jog with his son shortly after the men left.

“It’s part of their continued attempts to intimidate and threaten the safety of my family. So there’s no reason why you have to livestream on Facebook to thousands of extreme followers my home address,” Arias tells GV Wire℠.

Countered Bergquam: “We wanted to show the hypocrisy of it all. You have all of these so-called representatives who spent all their time attacking President Trump or attacking conservatives when their own backyards are falling apart.”

Phillips and Fulfer posted videos on their Facebook accounts of the violent protest last week in Washington that led to five deaths, although neither said they entered the Capitol building with hundreds of others. They also filmed themselves surrounding Sen. Lindsey Graham and shouting “traitor” at the South Carolina Republican inside Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Friday.

Filming in Front of Arias’ Home

Bergquam blamed Arias for the homeless living by the freeway behind the condominium complex as well as the filthy conditions. His goal was to show “what his district actually looks like.”

“If they wanted to film encampments, there’s plenty of encampments on Herndon and (Highway) 41 that they could film,” Arias said. “They’ve chosen deliberately to target us and my family. For that, they’ll be held accountable.”

Arias answered in the affirmative that he is taking Second Amendment safety precautions.

The councilman mentioned Bergquam’s prior legal entanglements — a 2019 arrest for trespassing at the governor’s mansion in Sacramento during an immigration protest. Bergquam said those charges were eventually dropped. Bergquam was also found guilty of a 2019 assault near El Paso, Texas. According to court records, that case is under appeal.

“There are no boundaries, either that a family or the federal government, that they’re not willing to cross,” Arias said.

Confrontation at Same Location Last Year

Bergquam, Phillips, and Fulfer were also involved in a physical altercation last year at Arias’ downtown condo, protesting the closure of businesses because of COVID-19 mandates. While police cited Arias, Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp declined to prosecute.

There were no charges for Bergquam’s group.

8 Responses

  1. MGomez

    Looks as though Miguel does not enjoy being held accountable. The optics don’t work for him.

    Sorry, Miguel. You like to play emperor during council meetings. Well, now we get to see where the emperor actually lives. Guess what? The emperor has no clothes. Or courage.

    • Paul

      MGomez seems to regularly attack other Hispanic name persons with such vial and half-wit accusations or racists views … truly the once oppressed becomes the worst oppressor.

      • Bill Thacker

        Hey stop being a ” victim” and making it about racism. Your starting to sound like ” one finger miguel” . Nothing new here, Miguel is known for not doing his job and making everything into a racist issue. Apparently Miguel thinks the American flag is ” racist” no surprises there he hates America.

  2. William

    “Returned from a jog” That is another of Miguelito’s big lies, he doesn’t jog he has gained so much weight from his eating at restaurants that he walks in from the back door.

    Miguel is just worried about being caught not doing his job which he was elected to do instead he is taking on social justice issues and running an assault against the businesses in Fresno by periodically trying to shut Fresno down. Miguel just do your job and help the declining economy in District 3, the rise in violent crime . No one listens to you Miguel you are insignificant trying to stir up the pot to bring attention to yourself which is apparently all the better you can do . We know coming up with business development plans for District 3 is not your agenda nor do you have any clue how to accomplish anything except more of your misguided hatred toward Fresno.
    We didn’t cause you to leave a $130,000 job a year at FUSD during an FBI probe, you caused that with your corrupt behavior toward the people. Anyone with a brain understands you took a $40,000 cut in pay at Fresno City Hall because the indictment from FBI was coming and FUSD was going to fire you.
    Just like the corruption at FUSD and the poor test grades at FUSD (in the lower 5% of the country ) that you left because you were too busy focusing on turning the children into social justice tools , you are leaving behind the WORST council management in the history of Fresno. Get to work Miguelito and do your job and help the suffering of people in District 3.

  3. Barbara Rizzo

    If these losers did indeed enter the Capitol during last week’s insurrection, they should be very worried. At this moment, the FBI is holding a press conference where they report that they are checking out every single bit of information that they are receiving. I am sure that these clowns have been reported already to the FBI. So, they are arrogant now but they’ll be crying like the babies that they are when the FBI comes knocking on their doors.

  4. Civil Responsibility

    So I guess we’ll be seeing these 3 guys at the state capitol causing unnecessary trouble? I see these guys destroying the very Amendment that gives us the liberty to be informed and be free. With freedom and liberty comes great responsibility. These guys should learn that. Maybe a year or two in the pokie will help them learn this.

    • Bill Thacker

      “Pokie” that will never happen, those 3 know the constitution far better than Miguel Arias. What would their charges be ?
      ” freedom to assemble” is a constitutional right even for violent protests during the summer, burning down buildings and destruction of historical statutes by Miguel’s looney left anti- American progressive socialists whom in many cases did end up in the ” pokie” where they belong. Soon Miguel Arias will join them .


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