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Trump’s Presidency Is Ending. Is the Reign of Newsmax and OAN Just Beginning?



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There is nothing more beguiling than a lame duck One America News Network (OAN) segment. Everything about it feels slightly ersatz. The anchors sit in dreamlike green screen sets, hair perfectly coiffed, as they update the nation on the proceedings of the biggest crime in American history — namely, Joe Biden’s hijacking of our democratic process. That has been the lead story and singular talking point on the network since the election was called. The President’s unconceded defeat left a generation of vengeful boomers in its wake, and OAN is here to soak up all the bandwidth that their voter fraud sophistry can buy.

And so, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, OAN airs a half-hour documentary that delves into the Dominion Voting Machine conspiracy theory that speculates that the Canadian company illicitly swung millions of ballots towards Joe Biden. Toward the end, host Chanel Rion speculates that Eric Coomer, a former Dominion executive, is one of the masterminds of a global sedition plot against the president evidenced by, among other things, his apparent fondness for the hip-hop groups Dead Prez and Body Count.

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