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COVID Outbreak Spots in San Diego Include Restaurants, Casinos, and Big Box Stores, Report Shows



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On Monday, public television station KPBS published an investigation that revealed the addresses of 1,006 COVID-19 outbreaks that occurred in San Diego County between March and December.

When categorized by location type, senior living and nursing homes account for 214 outbreaks, the highest in the county. One in five outbreaks have been tied to restaurants and bars, and some 205 outbreaks were located at manufacturing companies and other businesses. About 125 outbreaks have been associated with grocery and retail stores, and more than 40 occurred at medical facilities.

Epidemiologists cautioned that the list should serve as a reminder of the kinds of places and the types of behaviors that may result in exposure to the virus.

“What this list tells us are the types of places and the types of activities in which people engage where they’re more likely to acquire the virus,” said Dr. Robert “Chip” Schooley, an infectious disease specialist at UC San Diego Health.

As of Dec. 14, the county had investigated 1,129 outbreaks, accounting for 9,625 cases and 412 deaths. That’s about 11 percent of all local cases and about 35 percent of deaths.

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