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Bitcoin scavenger hunt comes to Fresno, One Resident Just Found $1,000



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FRESNO, Calif. (FOX26) — An anonymous man has created a modern day scavenger hunt by leaving bitcoin cash prizes for people to find in cities all over California.

The clues can be found on his Instagram page and this week, Bitcoin Man came to Fresno.

The man behind all of this says he’s doing it for two reasons. The first is to help people struggling because of the Coronavirus, and the second is to teach people more about cryptocurrency, using QR codes hidden around the city.

“The easiest thousand dollars, luckiest thousand dollars,” said Adam Fisher.

Fisher is no stranger to bitcoin, “You can just take out your phone with the app and then in like five seconds I can send you money and it cost like a 10th of a cent.”

And he’s been following the Bitcoin Man on Instagram for the last few months.

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