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Motel Shootout in Visalia Sparks Police Search



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Police are looking for at least three young men accused of opening fire after an altercation near a Visalia motel.

A witness said he saw the shooters before 1 p.m. running between The Relax Inn and O’Reilly Auto Parts on Mineral King Avenue, east of Cain Street.

He heard shouting before gunfire erupted.

“I heard at least six shots. He probably unloaded his clip,” said the witness. “Once the gun went off, the shouting stopped and they started running.”

At least a dozen officers responded to the scene. A description of the suspects wasn’t given by police but the witness said the three men were under 20 years old and appeared to be gang members by the colors they wore and the slurs being yelled before shooting.

It’s unclear if anyone was shot.

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