BOERNE, Texas — Texans love Texas, and apparently, a lot of other people do too. The Lone Star State is one of the top places to move to in the nation. One exclusive community in the Texas Hill Country has been a popular spot for newcomers.

The culture, food, weather, and diversity, you name it! There’s a lot to love about Texas. According to the 2020 Relocation Report by Texas Realtors, the Lone Star State was the second-best place for relocation in the country.

Texas had 563,945 new residents in 2018. Researchers gathered data from the U.S. Census Bureau and U-Haul. According to the report, 57,173 people moved to the state in 2017 compared to 101,805 people in 2018, which is a 78.1% jump. The highest number of new Texans relocated from these states in this order: California (86,164), Florida (37,262), Louisiana (29,108),
Oklahoma (24,590) and New York (21,509).

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