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Large Christmas Light Display in Northwest Fresno Is Already Driving Attention



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Driving southbound on Marks Avenue approaching Dovewood Lane in Northwest Fresno on a Sunday night is usually a very low key affair.

However, when GV Wire℠ made the drive this past weekend – some flashing lights caught our attention.

2764 West Dovewood Lane is a home covered in flashing Christmas Lights. It turns out, we caught a glimpse of a test run the owner was performing ahead of a planned official opening on Saturday November 21.

Jordan Willis is the homeowner who began working on the display in May. He’s even set up a Facebook page called ‘Lights on Dovewood‘ so people can keep up with any updates on the display, and leave messages of encouragement.

“The thought of how much joy it would bring to viewers kept me going throughout the year,” says Willis.

Display Details

Willis says there are currently 11,425 lights, and he spent about 350 hours putting them all up.

“Christmas lights have always been a passion of mine and have always gone a bit beyond the average house with color and quantity but seeing a similar light show last Christmas inspired me to look into going all out,” says Willis.

Official Opening

The official opening is set for this coming Saturday.

The lights are set to music which can be played through your car radio by tuning to 100.1 FM.

Willis tells GV Wire℠ he’s able to download different programs through his computer that can deliver different synchronizations set to different music.

Non-Profit Donations

Willis is accepting donations for the Saint Agnes Foundation in memory of his recently passed father-in-law. The money will go to hospice efforts.

A donation box will be set up in front of his house for those wishing to donate.

On Sunday night Willis told GV Wire℠ he did all of this, “Because we all could use a little more joy in 2020.”

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