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CA Voters Became More Polarized on the Pandemic Over Time



Photo of voting booths
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IGS poll data show that California voters became more polarized in their views of the pandemic between the spring and summer. Voters who approve and disapprove of Trump’s performance as President moved farther apart, not simply on questions about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also on their beliefs about effective COVID-19 prevention measure
The IGS poll of California voters was conducted in April 2020 (n=8800) and again in July 2020 (n=8328). Respondents were asked about their perceptions of the extent of health risk posed by COVID-19 and the effectiveness of various prevention measures, including those endorsed by public health officials, such as staying at home, wearing masks, and washing hands. Those who responded that they either strongly approve or somewhat approve of Trump’s job performance were compared to those who reported that they either strongly disapprove or somewhat disapprove of Trump’s job performance.
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