Just because it was called a Trucks for Trump rally, didn’t mean supporters had to ride around in a pick-up.

Of the estimated 1,000 cars staging in a privately-owned parking lot across from the Save Mart Center in Fresno, there were plenty of sedans, a few army vehicles and even one rusted clunker.

Nearly all had flags, either for America, Trump or both. At 11 a.m., the vehicles paraded around Fresno and Clovis in a 15 mile route west on Shaw Avenue, north on Blackstone Avenue, east on Herndon Avenue, south on Clovis Avenue and once again west on Shaw.

Trump supporters gathered hours in advance, partying as if there was a Bulldogs game happening. There were food trucks, merchandise vendors and Rep. Devin Nunes’ campaign staff had a table set up to give away signs and stickers.

“We are among like-minded individuals, patriots here, who just absolutely love the president,” said Jason Phillips, an ardent and visible Trump supporter. “We’re so grateful for everything he’s done for the country. We’re just out showing our appreciation and our support for the president today.”

“I love Donald Trump,” said Aimee Garza of Fresno, wearing a red “Woman for Trump” tank top.

For Garza, health care is the biggest campaign issue. She wants the administration to end Obamacare.

“It takes so much out of my check … it actually made me homeless for two months,” Garza said.

The Devin Nunes campaign had a booth at the Trucks for Trump staging area (GV Wire/David Taub)

An Easy Ride

“I like that he’s (Trump) pro-life, pro-God, pro-guns, pro-country, for America first.”Supporter Jordan, with daughter Briella

The closest thing GV Wire℠ could find in the form of a protest was a woman giving a thumbs down inside her car as the caravan rolled by.

The few people out on the street reacting to the parade of cars were supporters waving hello.

Organizers encouraged the cars to obey all traffic laws. Fresno motorcycle officers were stationed at several intersections but had a relatively quiet day.

“I really enjoyed it. There wasn’t too much backlash out there,” said supporter Jordan, back at the parking lot near the Campus Pointe shopping center. “I like that he’s (Trump) pro-life, pro-God, pro-guns, pro-country, for America first.”

Vendor: Trump Merchandise Supplants Lost Sales

Kevin Terrey had a steady flow of customers at his Trump merchandise booth.

“I just realized there was such a need, a want and a demand for Trump gear, and no one was stepping up,” Terrey said.

The coronavirus pandemic had a detrimental effect on his apparel company, Ink It Stitch It. But, selling Trump merchandise saved his business.

He prepared to sell his merchandise at a Shaver Lake Boats for Trump event which didn’t happen because of the Creek Fire. He normally produces material for schools and restaurants.

“Obviously all that was eliminated. We haven’t had any of that since March,” Terrey said. “This has been another big pivot because we saw the want and the demand.”

Kevin Terrey sells Trump merchandise (GV Wire/David Taub)

19 Responses

    • John Smith

      Supportive to who, other white people? Events like this stay close to Clovis because that is where Trump gets his support, from white racists that use dog whistles like “supportive group”

      • Christopher Baker

        Gross, uneducated comment from Mr. Smith. How hurtful to people you don’t even know, nor had an educated debate with.. You really need to be more open minded and not believe everything you hear on MSNBC

  1. Ed King

    All for naught. The electoral college renders their passion moot. Every electoral college vote will go to Biden. Have a nice day.

  2. Connie

    Good to see President Trump is being recognized for good, & for God in the State of California. There is hope yet! Now Recall Newsome!

    • John Smith

      What good? Did you read these “good” things in a tweet?
      I’m no fan of Newsome either but for you to say “Recall Newsome!” and not Trump? It makes me ask where you stand. Economically, Socially, and Judicially Trump has been the worst in the history of US Politics. The only leaders that top him are those in communist countries. Admit it, the only basis for voting for Trump is his racist policies that bring your racist soul joy. All while my Latino and African American brothers/sisters have to live in fear simply because it threatens you to hear them ask for equality.

  3. John Smith

    I always think, how convenient it is that the media never catches any of these Trump supporters screaming “White Power!” out of their car windows. Are they ignoring it because the media is in support of Trump are are people avoiding showing their true intentions in supporting Trump. I was driving to Smart and Final and on my way I heard “White Power!” coming from three different vehicles. The last event they held driving up and down Clovis Ave had just as many white power chants and dozens of three percenter flags. As a Republican myself who owns a business, I am definitely not a Trump Republican. I’ve incurred loses because of Trumps policies supporting the elite. All I ask of the media is to be fair and report on the racist base of Trump supporters. Report on the hatred that people of color endure every time these racists hold these “rallies”.

    • Jeri Forcella

      I was reading your response with an open mind until you said “the media is in support of Trump” That is one of the biggest lies I’ve heard in 4 years. Now all of your response is a big fat lie and I won’t waste my time. True Patriots don’t need to defend themselves. Go troll somewhere else

      • Sandra Hemming

        Tell me one media outlet in CA is for Trump. I live here and can’t watch the news for the hatred spewed there. But, I did see people lined on both sides of the street. Also, on Twitter (and they didn’t censor it, yet) Trump daughter, Tiffany, thanked the people on both sides of the street for the love they showed her Dad.

    • Taylor

      I was part of the rally and not once did I hear that coming from ANYONE there. In fact there were more “God blesses” going out to those that yelled obscenities at us for showing support for our President and Law Enforcement than anything. What you heard could have been a joke or finally someone reacting negatively to all the individuals cursing us out and flipping us off for just going out for a drive with flags. But no, this isn’t about white supremacy or sending a message. This is about getting the America back that ALL races deserve to have. You know, the America that actually has jobs and working people that pay taxes rather than leeches abusing the system. I am all for families getting assistance when they need it but when I had to have two jobs at only 16 to still only eat a box of Graham crackers for a week because I happened to not know what food stamps were because I came from a Hispanic family that refused to get help from anyone… can say I don’t take those abusing the system very lightly. So you have a good evening and please stop lumping everyone into some white supremacy group just because social media (and you apparently) only like to focus on those individuals. Good day.

      • John Smith

        Most racists don’t notice racism when they see it. You’re probably so accustomed to hate speech and racist chants like “white power” that you don’t pay it any attention when you hear it because you’re comfortable with it. Racists in this community will through a tantrum when they hear Black Lives Matter because its a threat to their racist way of life. I’ve lived in Clovis for years and see more racism here than I ever did when I lived in Alabama.

    • Sandra Hemming

      I think you are lying. I don’t believe anybody, let alone more than one, was shouting anything but pro Trump. For others reading this, surprised by this person’s assertion, please email us ASAP. Thanks

  4. Erin Burnett

    A Trump Parade, AKA Sheep Parade. These gullible, brainwashed cult members have no clue as to how pathetic they appear to normal Americans! These so called patriots worship a Godless fool who only cares about himself and fawns over a Russian dictator! That stupid woman who wants Obamacare eliminated because it costs her too much, is a perfect example of Trumpster ignorance. She doesn’t have to be on the ACA and just where is she going to find a cheaper plan? Sadly this rabid cult will still be around after the orange buffoon is removed from office & indicted for tax fraud.

    • Maria

      Well said Its uncomprehensional to me how some people support this person. I will never understand it. Trump 2020 if you never want this country to be ‘GREAT’

    • Sandra Hemming

      I find Democrats to be blindingly supportive of Biden, and rarely speak without calling Republicans something not nice.

      • John Smith

        I’m not a Democrat, never voted for a single one. But I’m definitely not a Trump Republican. I won’t lump myself up with Trump Republicans because their is absolutely no basis in fact that would explain why anybody would still support him unless you believe in his racist policies and corrupt actions. Every time I see a Trump Supporter, I see nothing but white supremacy written on their foreheads. If you’d like to convince me(a Republican) that Trump is the best choice, show me the data, not some quote you read in a tweet.

    • John Smith

      Exactly! The woman saying that she doesn’t want ACA is because before ACA, tax payers were on the hook for unpaid medical bills. She doesn’t want to pay her insurance premiums because she knows that she doesn’t intend to have insurance at all and the taxpayers will ultimately cover it. Sounds like Socialism doesn’t it?

  5. Jon Doe

    This is the John Smith Show. He sure has the ability to speak words, it’s just that his words don’t make any sense. He said”I am a Republican”, but doesn’t sound like one. Basically he is for John Smith. Please state some facts, not just you don’t like Trump. It is getting deafening.


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