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Pro Jobs and Growth Agenda Is “Not Joe Biden’s Constituency” Says Fresno Economist (VIDEO)



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The former dean of the Craig School of Business at Fresno State, Dr. Joseph Penbera, says the priority of Democrats is to raise and spend taxpayer money. He shared his views in a recent episode of GV Wire: UNFILTERED.

Darius Assemi, Publisher of GV Wire℠ and President & CEO of Granville Homes asked Penbera, “Is there anyone that can help Senator Harris and Vice President Biden develop a wise pro-growth, pro-jobs, tax policy?”

Dr. Penbera’s Observations

“That’s not his constituency.”

“We have a very large constituency in the Democratic party that are geared towards using the public coffers as a means of promoting their interests.”

“There’s nothing stopping that, other than a few Republicans who periodically when budget time comes to pass and we go into a crisis of whether we’re going to have a budget or not.”

“Every time we have a shutdown crisis, Republicans acquiesce they kick the can down the road, they raise the debt ceiling, and it keeps on going.”

“I don’t see any way to stop it in this next wave either.”

(‘Unfiltered’ airs live on Facebook on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m.)