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7 Takeaways From The Republican National Convention



Photo of President Donald Trump
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Well, the 2020 national political conventions are over.

The Republicans wrapped up Thursday night, and there was a lot to digest, not least a clearer sense of what the post-Labor Day sprint is going to look and sound like.

Here are seven takeaways from the RNC:

1. Trump tried to make the election a little less about him

As much as the Republican National Convention was all about Trump, the president and his campaign needed to try to make the election a little less about him.

Trump’s approval rating has barely budged since he’s been in office. It’s had the smallest range of any president since Jimmy Carter and has not been net-positive since two weeks after his inauguration. A majority of Americans disapprove of the job Trump is doing on the coronavirus and think he’s fanning the flames of racial division. So running solely on his record would put Trump at a disadvantage in this election.

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