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Armed Civilians Defend Against Arsonists Amid Jacob Blake Protests



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A group of three heavily armed men protected a gas station from being torched in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Monday night following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Rioters set fire to several buildings and numerous vehicles, including dozens on a used car lot, on the second night of protests in the city.

“I’m on your side, as long as you’re against the cops” shouted one of three men carrying high-powered rifles and wearing helmets and protective clothing, with one in full military camouflage, according to a video posted online.

“But you can’t burn down your local businesses,” he shouted as they were heckled by a group of at least a dozen people gathered around the perimeter of the gas station.

The armed men described themselves as civilians and not affiliated with an organized group. “I’m just a guy,” one said.

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