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Tulare County Caught in the Middle of Pistachio Law Suit



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TULARE COUNTY – The nation’s biggest farmer and largest pistachio processor, Wonderful Pistachios, has sued Tulare County in hopes of shutting down construction of a nut plant owned by a rival company, ARO Pistachios.

Wonderful argues in a July 14 lawsuit in Tulare County Superior Court that permits approved by Tulare County were “illegally issued” and with a potential record harvest approaching in weeks, Wonderful owner Stewart Resnick wants construction halted at one southern Tulare County farm.

Wonderful says in their legal filing that Terra Bella grower ARO Pistachios, now owned by Touchstone Pistachios which is run by the Assemi family in Fresno are, “now hurriedly building that huge facility with those unlawful permits.”

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