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Anderson Cooper Confronts MyPillow Guy Over ‘Miracle’ Cure Claims: ‘How Do You Sleep at Night?’



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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper tore into MyPillow founder Mike Lindell on Tuesday in an absolutely off-the-rails interview, repeatedly calling the pro-Trump businessman a “snake oil salesman” for peddling an unproven and potentially dangerous supplement as a “miracle” cure for the coronavirus.

Lindell, best known for his ubiquitous ads on Fox News and over-the-top Trump sycophancy, was brought on to discuss the extract he promoted to President Donald Trump recently as a COVID-19 cure.

In a July meeting, Lindell and HUD Secretary Ben Carson sold Trump on an extract from the plant oleander, which is highly toxic. Lindell has said Trump was “enthusiastic” about the extract and wanted the FDA to approve it.

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