In a rare showing of conflict, a few members of the Clovis City Council launched into a set of attacks stemming from a press conference calling for the reopening of Valley schools.

At the center of the controversy: Clovis Mayor Drew Bessinger’s decision to participate in a Thursday press conference with Fresno City Councilman Garry Bredefeld and former Mayor Alan Autry calling for schools to reopen.

Bessinger, who simultaneously serves as the Police Chief for Fresno-Yosemite International Airport (a City of Fresno agency), took vacation from his day job to attend the press conference, a City of Fresno spokesman told The Sun.

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  1. Art

    Conflict of interest? Duh! So we got a mayor working two jobs. Perhaps Clovis should pay him above minimum wage? Lol. Of maybe we should get a mayor who devotes his full time to providing coherent leadership in getting this virus under control so that we can move forward. Ignoring the situation is not a plan.


    Let’s put party politics aside and think of what’s best for everyone! We are talking about our children and their health! This Virus will not go away and disappear as Trump states! We need to really look at every aspect of this disease and find how to manage it without suffering more deaths! This problem is very manageable and possible; but, only if we work together as a community that does not have walls to divide us.


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