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Israel's Nightmare: The Dissolution of the Palestinian Authority



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Amid the anticipation of Israeli annexation of large parts of the occupied West Bank, there have been significant developments on the Palestinian political scene. It seems that there is an increasing likelihood that the Palestinian Authority (PA) will be dissolved, or at the very least, its powers greatly reduced.
In late May, Palestinian officials announced that they are ceasing security coordination with Israel in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s annexation threats. Shortly after, PA security forces withdrew from areas jointly monitored with Israeli forces in north and east Jerusalem, including from the towns of Abu Dis, Bedou, Qatana and Beit Iksa.
Around the same time, the PA also announced that it will no longer accept transfers of funds from taxes Israel collects on its behalf which go towards paying for salaries and services in the West Bank and Gaza. It also stopped issuing permits for Palestinians living in the West Bank to cross into Israel.
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