A woman identified as an agriculture science teacher at Tranquillity High School in western Fresno County made racist comments about Black people and the Black Lives Matter movement in a conversation that sparked outrage after it was publicly posted on Facebook.

“Tired of Black this black that … why dont (sic) they stop acting like asses and working like responsible citizens and maybe they will be respected like everyone else. I’m tired of hearing about black lives matters … I’ve over it,” Shannon Ables-Flack wrote.

Ables-Flack could not be reached for comment Thursday morning.

Adrian Vibe Harris, who hosted the Fresno Juneteenth Rally, called for the district to take action against Ables-Flack.

“Seems we have another racist Teacher in Central Valley at Tranquillity High School Please do something about this employee! She is full of hate and I pray she does not get the privilege to teach black students! Or any student for that matter. She clearly states she does not think any black people work and does not have any respect for them! As an educator she needs to have some compassion on what’s going on in this world!!!” Harris wrote in a Facebook post.

Comments Don’t Reflect Golden Plains’ Views And Mission

Andre Pecina, assistant superintendent for Golden Plains Unified School District, said the district was aware of comments by a Golden Plains employee on her personal Facebook account.

The comments “do not represent the views and mission of Golden Plains Unified School District,” he said.

Pecina said he could not discuss the matter further or confirm whether Ables-Flack is still employed by the district. As to whether it’s under investigation, Pecina said the district is following its regular protocols.

Ables-Flack previously worked for Central Unified School District, spokeswoman Sonja Dosti confirmed Thursday morning.

Other Recent Incidents

The incident is the latest involving a Fresno-area school official or student involving hate speech posted to the internet or a racially insensitive incident.

Two school board officials — Central Unified trustee Richard Atkins and Madera County School Board president Sara Wilkins — resigned their elected positions days after their racially-charged posts on Facebook became public.

8 Responses

  1. MGomez

    Sandra Celedon can have her “personal” comments and not get challenged. Didn’t she say “burn it down”?

    Why should this teacher be treated differently?

    Do the rules only apply to some people? Huh?

  2. bill

    If she was non white no one would take issue stating the facts that the BLM leaders are on record as saying ” we are a marxist trained organization” that is a known fact that most the members of BLM are white and members of the Progressive Social Justice political leftists wing. They are also partnered with CAIR, Antifa and other groups who are Anti-American and Anti-Christian.
    These same groups destroy aboltionist statutes of the great Frederick Douglas and other black historical monuments.
    If you look at the core of BLM its roots are whte radicals using identify politics as a means to destroy, loot and start fires.
    Locally in Fresno a certain white cult on Alluvial started BLM, very few of the BLM members are in fact black . Lets not confuse them with the NAACP out of Fresno state that tries to stop the destructive outsiders converging into fresno to loot, vandalize and torch structures using the same sick mantras of ” cancel culture” ” systematic racism” “Medicare for all” ” new green deal” “white privilege” “defund police” blah blah.
    Sandra Celedon fires off racist hate speech but nothing happens. Double standard here. Probably known agitator Stacy Willians and her echo chamber of hate are behind the vilifying of this woman merely stating her opinion and facts that are already common knowkedge.

  3. Sic&Tired

    WELL……. Shannon is just like So Many Other People in Our Country – whether they are white or black or whatever ethnic group…… (We Are All – Just Sick & Tired of the BLM). Those that are in the BLM – have set the stage for even more racial unrest – Sad that it takes a group of Idiots, that don’t have anything better to do in their daily lives, but to cause chaos and hurt inicent people – especially the children that have gotten caught up in BLM’s garbage. Real Sad – when children pay a price for the BLM’s rediculous actions, so much for a moronic group trying to protest peacefully….. What a Joke.!!

  4. Teffi

    Apparently, the First Ammendment to the Constitution no longer applies in this country. With the exception of a select few, we are no longer allowed to have, think, or voice our opinions or beliefs. We can no longer believe that ALL LIVES MATTER and are being forced to only care about those who Social Media approves. I’m tired of the racial divisions in this country, Martin Luther King said it best:”I have a dream,” but no one remembers that dream, the media is too busy making mountains out of mole hills and stirring the pot of racial discourse. It’s a very sad state, when we are no longer allowed to have free will or our own opinions, when the only acceptable behavior is to drink the koolaid of a bunch of crooks with their own agendas, none of which are good for this country or it’s citizens.

    • TiredCitizenX

      to all the first amendment folks. Sure you have a right to say whatever you want. However you also have to deal with the consequences of those words. It doesn’t protect you from losing your job, getting punched in the nose etc.

  5. Maria

    Ones profession does make a difference when commenting. Sometimes it’s best to leave ones thoughts and feelings unsaid, especially if you make reference to a specific nationality. As a teacher or someone having authority over children and their future. How can we as parents of children of color expect our children to respect someone who makes negative remarks about a movement that is sparked by negative racial actions. What were her feelings of signs that say whites only, or the racial profiling that exists for POC. Comments that we need to be productive people in society, when in fact we have always been. She can thank a black person for her IPhone, traffic lights, Home Security Systems, wiring in light bulbs, Refrigerated trucks, Automatic elevator doors, Color PC Monitors, and so much more. If she ever needs, she might want to thank a Black man for the open heart procedure. So see sometimes it’s best to just keep her mouth shut!!!

  6. Silver Mane

    She echoes the sentiments of many in the valley, a deep hatred of anyone who isn’t white and doesn’t follow their logic!


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