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‘I Humbly Apologize’: Officials Disturbed Over Tear Gassing of Peaceful Protesters



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Officials in Philadelphia on Thursday announced a moratorium on the use of tear gas in the city and apologized for their response to a June 1 protest against police brutality.
The announcement, by the mayor and the police commissioner, came hours after The New York Times published a visual investigation (click READ MORE to view) into the use of force by the police. During a confrontation with several hundred demonstrators who had entered Interstate 676 in the city center this month, SWAT officers used tear gas and pepper spray on a group of nonviolent protesters, some of whom were trapped as they tried to leave.
“I humbly apologize to those who were directly impacted as well as to our communities at large,” said Danielle Outlaw, the Philadelphia police commissioner. “As recently as today, I have viewed video posted by The New York Times by which I am extremely disturbed and, quite frankly, sickened beyond description.”
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