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LAPD Investigating San Gabriel Attorney for Allegedly Calling for Cop Killings



Photo of a police car with lights flashing
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The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a San Gabriel attorney for allegedly calling on Black protesters to kill police officers and offering to represent anyone who did pro-bono.
The Instagram posts allegedly made by attorney Mark McBride have been deleted since Fox 11 LA obtained screenshots of the comments and confronted him about them.
McBride’s remarks reportedly were in response to a recent post about excessive use of force by police officers on Black people.
“It won’t stop until black people start murdering cops, which they should do often and with great relish,” the post said, according to Fox 11. “These (expletive), low IQ, can’t get into law school jarheads need an asphalt nap, during which they’re bleeding out on the street where they’re shot down. I would have no problem with them. I would absolutely 100 percent defend to the death of any African American who picked off a cop or two. It’s time, it’s well past time.”
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