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The Electoral Map Is Tilting Badly Against Donald Trump Right Now



Photo of Donald Trump
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Amid the protests following the police killing of George Floyd and the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic, something very important has been overlooked: President Donald Trump is now a decided underdog to reach the 270 electoral votes he needs to win a second term in the fall.
A series of polls in swing (and not-so-swing) states released Wednesday make this reality plain.
* A Fox News poll in Arizona shows Joe Biden leading Trump 46% to 42%
* A Fox News poll in Ohio put Biden at 45% to Trump’s 43%
* A Fox News poll in Wisconsin had Biden at 49% and Trump at 40%.
* A Quinnipiac University poll in Texas had the race at Trump 44%, Biden 43%.
How bad are those numbers for Trump? To put a fine point on it: Really bad.
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