The National Weather Service in Hanford says it will be cool and breezy over the San Joaquin Valley on Monday with a predicted high of 82 degrees in Fresno.

Looking ahead, Saturday’s forecast calls for 82 degrees in Fresno as well.

But the heat between now and then will be up and down, NWS Hanford says.

99 Degrees for Fresno on Thursday

The forecast calls for a warmup beginning Tuesday and consecutive Fresno highs of 91, 97, and 99 degrees. Then it’s another cooldown to 88 on Friday and Saturday’s forecasted 82.

After that, the Valley heat roller-coaster climbs to 89 degrees on Sunday and 97 degrees Monday.

Chart of Fresno high temperatures beginning June, 2020, and predicted highs through Monday, June 15, 2020 i

Fresno high temperatures in June and the predicted highs through Monday, June 15, 2020. (National Weather Service Hanford)



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