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John Loomis, San Joaquin College of Law Founder, Dies



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San Joaquin College of Law founder John Loomis passed away last week at the age of 96.
“His integrity, generosity of spirit, service, gentleness and extreme humility will never be extinguished or forgotten,” the college said in a statement. “He left everyone and everything just a little bit better than he found it. In many ways, he was the heart of SJCL, and he’s taken a piece of ours as he leaves.”
In 1969, Loomis, the Hon. Dan Eymann and the Hon. Oliver Wanger worked together to found the San Joaquin College of Law and enrolled about 100 students in 1970 for the initial class.
“John was totally committed to the concept of creating a law school and served it loyally from 1969 to his death,” said Wanger in a statement. “I never saw John raise his voice or get angry. That helped SJCL students to see how to be an excellent attorney. Everyone benefited from that.”
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