The Fresno Police Department’s Career Criminal Auto Theft Team responded to a local hotel Monday regarding possible out-of-town antifa members looking to cause problems in Fresno.

While it’s unknown if those involved are anti-facists, the police did arrest two Bakersfield men for burglary, looting, and other charges. Both men also had outstanding warrants.

While investigating this, detectives saw several subjects arrive at the location in vehicles, including a U-Haul box truck, the police department said in a Facebook post. The subjects were acting suspiciously and it appeared they could be related to reported antifa activity.

Suspects stole U-Haul from a store in Bakersfield (Facebook/Fresno Police Department)

Detectives Followed Suspects

The subjects then drove to the WSS shoe store at 1935 W. Clinton Ave. and went inside, detectives said. A few minutes later, they ran from the store carrying boxes of merchandise. They then fled the area in their vehicles and eventually drove south on Highway 99. Detectives followed, with the assistance of helicopter Air1, to Selma, where the suspects were taken into custody.

Suspects Arrested, Identified

The suspects were identified as Nathaniel Rios, and Ryan Shaw – both from Bakersfield – and both with records in Kern County.

Rios was on probation for theft-related charges, Shaw had a felony theft warrant.

Stolen Merchandise Recovered

Detectives recovered the stolen merchandise taken from WSS. They also determined the box truck was stolen from a U-Haul store in Bakersfield. Several items were also located in the front cab of the truck that could be used to commit burglaries and looting such as hammers and pry bars.

Rios was booked into the Fresno County Jail for burglary, looting, probation violation, and the misdemeanor warrant. Shaw was booked into jail for burglary, vehicle theft, looting, and the felony warrant.

Stolen items recovered by Police Detectives (Facebook/Fresno Police Department)


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  1. Dallas

    “Fresno PD Got a False Tip on Antifa. They Arrested Two Bakersfield Men for Looting”. Corrected your misleading headline. You’re welcome.

  2. Bill Thacker

    They are not Antifa, they are petty scumbag criminals taking advantage of a vulnerable time in our country and laws in California that protect criminals. I doubt if they know or care who George Floyd is.
    Antifa is specifically communist, anti Anerican values attacking symbolism flags, historical monuments/ statutes and religious symbols like crosses or veterans memorial. Rarely are they people of color usually white and mentally outcasts from society, jobless sometimes students but more so those who have sociopathic issues. Those that blame society for their pathetic life. Usually under the age of 35 with most being 17 to 28 years of age and outcast of American society. Their political messages are weak and focused on communist principles. Government controlled healthcare, food, housing, etc they are bitter and hateful regarding toward ownership of private businesses and attack small business more so than corporate operated stores. Antifa Members if they have politucal affiliations are associated with progressive movement who are no fans of any political system. They will be associated with other anti-American groups such as CAIR , and are often supporters of controversial figures like Linda Sarsour and those that make a living off of anti- christian traditionalist values.
    Antifa hides behind the latest issues in America like BLM, women’s March, etc these are flimsy attempts to appear legit .
    Anti- Facism is a fake mantra they hide behind they hate old people and are often video taped in gangs beating down a veteran ir older person especially a person carrying an American fkag.
    Make no mistakes about it they are hateful thugs that live on fringes of society . Cowards who work in packs who generally never have a job and are on sone kind of anti- psychotic medications. Vandalisn, destruction of property and hatred is what they thrive in.

    • N. Williams

      WOW, that was a reach wasn’t it? LOL, I know its a slow news cycle with all the protest in every city, acts of violence that citizens are experiencing from police abuse, changes coming in police departments and the federal government’s acts of authoritarianism that the GVWire had try to make things interesting with the lure of Antifa.

      • Central Valley NLG

        There are some really great historical and current texts on fascism and antifascism, including a book called “Antifa” that provide some actual research and history. Please don’t forget that the United States was being anti-fascist when it intervened against Hitler. The fact that people have lost sight of the fact that their grandparents were Antifa in that moment is embarrasing.

  3. John Le Roux

    This fiction anti fascist of WW l l resisted the
    Fascist thugs of europe their logo was a Roman Fasci like we used to have on the silver dimes post 1945 it was changed to the torch
    of Diana Lucifera aka the Statue of Liberty
    and Wash DC is full of fasci symbols to include the Lincoln Memorial look at the arm rests
    that support the statues arms yes it is decorated with Roman fasci. Do some research
    before you are given ” official fiats”

  4. Devin Carroll

    How are these men in any way Antifa? Were they defending protestors against violence by fascists? Is there any evidence that their actions were in any way political?
    Don’t fall for the false narrative by the President and others that Antifa is a terrorist organization.

  5. Central Valley NLG

    This is the most ridiculous article. Reporters and police have no idea what anti-fascism is and are trying to label people stealing shoes as antifa?! Anti-fascists do not steal shoes. Anti-fascists organize to stand up against white supremacists and protect communities from racist violence. Anti-fascism related to the fight against Mossolini, Hitler, skinheads in Britain, skinhead movements in the U.S. and similar violent racist regimes. Anti-fascists provide mutual aid, community assistance, feed protestors, provide street medics, and do other community support. Anti-fascists stand up to Proud Boys and other groups that target vulnerable communities in Fresno and other parts of California. Anti-fascists sometimes punch and fight nazis when they have to. They do not rent U-hauls to steal shoes. The ignorance in this article is astounding.

  6. David Dorn

    Doubtful these guys are ANTIFA. ANTIFA is about 95% rich white kids. They have failed miserably to exhibit diversity.


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